UNESCO launches global consultation Status of the Artist

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In the framework of the fifth global consultation on the implementation of the 1980 Recommendation, UNESCO has launched an online questionnaire to gather the latest information regarding measures taken in each Member State to implement the 1980 Recommendation and to translate its principles into concrete measures. Eight thematic areas are covered: (1) legal and regulatory frameworks, (2) fair remuneration and access to financing, (3) social and economic rights, (4) the digital environment, (5) preferential treatment, (6) artistic freedom, (7) equality, inclusion, and diversity, (8) responses to COVID-19.

UNESCO invites Member States as well as relevant NGOs and INGOs to participate in this monitoring exercise which will provide an updated diagnostic on the status of the artist at the national, regional and international levels. By evaluating the progress that has been made and identifying persistent challenges and emerging opportunities, each contribution will help inform policies and initiatives to strengthen the culture sector and support the work of artists and cultural professionals worldwide.

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