Participatory Budget Portugal

Participatory Budget Portugal (OPP)

The OPP is a deliberative, direct and universal democratic process, through which people present investment proposals and choose, through voting, which projects should be implemented in the different areas of governance.

The OPP covers the entire Portuguese territory, integrating groups of proposals with different territorial scopes: 1 national scope; 1 for each of the NUT II areas (North, Centre, Lisbon and Tagus Valley, Alentejo, Algarve); 1 for each Autonomous Region.

These groups of proposals do not compete with each other, with each having its own financial allocation. Each region of the country will always be assured of having winning OPP projects in its territory.

All national citizens aged 18 or over can participate in the OPP, submitting proposals and voting for the projects of their choice.

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