Vale do Varosa

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    Centered in the valley of the River Varosa, subsidiary to the valley of the River Douro, the project Vale do Varosa is based on the creation of a network of monuments open in an integrated way to public enjoyment. It has as its main core, on the first phase, the Cistercian monasteries of São João de Tarouca and Santa Maria de Salzedas and the Franciscan Convent of Santo António de Ferreirim.

    Developed under the auspices of the Direção Regional de Cultura do Norte since 2009, the objective is to install in the region, in the areas initially belonging to the municipalities of Tarouca and Lamego, a network of structures and solutions according to the concept of «Historical Territory». This would be made with an integrated strategy at the regional level, benefiting from a high concentration of buildings and historical elements of high touristic and cultural interest, allowing the development of the whole set in conjunction with the Douro World Heritage Site.

    Source: DRC Norte website

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