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When D. Dinis donated the charter letter to Viana do Alentejo, in 1313, he ordered the construction of "a wall around the vilage of four hundred fathoms" on which three doors would have to be cut, donating a thousand pounds to the works (PAIS, 2004, pp. 134). However, the fortification currently being built over the village "(...) does not correspond to this royal intention (...), and the most recent investigations are inclined towards the probability that the fence of D. Dinis was never built, suggesting the Castelo de Viana do Alentejo may be a work from the end of the 15th century or the beginning of the 16th century." (Idem, ibidem).
The structure of the castle consists of five panels of walls, topped at the corners by cylindrical turrets covered by spiers. The spire topping the keep is taller than the remainder, housing a bell space with openings on all sides.

Viana do Alentejo

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