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The Museu Nacional de Etnologia is inseparable from the history of Portuguese anthropology. It projects a fundamental dimension of the work of the pioneers of this discipline in the country. Its collection gathers a total of approximately 40,000 objects from different parts of the world, although the most representative collections are those of Portugal - the continent and the islands -, and of the former Portuguese Overseas. The museum offers the permanent exhibition “The museum, many things”, consisting of seven rotating nuclei: the Bali shadow theater; the dolls from southwest Angola; the pot lids with proverbs from Cabinda; masks and puppets from Mali; Portuguese popular musical instruments; the Rio de Onor splints (a nucleus dedicated to an object) and Franklim sculptures (a nucleus dedicated to an author), which result, mostly, from collections studied through an intensive program of internships the museum has been promoting. Two reserve spaces are also visitable: the Galleries of Rural Life comprise the nuclei made up of collections illustrating the themes of agriculture, grazing, traditional technologies and domestic equipment in the Portuguese rural society. The Galleries of the Amazon gather artifacts from around 40 peoples of the Amazon, mainly from Brazil.


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Adress: Avenida da Ilha da Madeira -1400-203 Lisboa
Phone: + 351 213 041 160/ 9


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