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DGLAB's mission is to ensure the coordination of the national archive system and the implementation of an integrated policy regarding non-textbooks, libraries and reading.

DGLAB's duties in the book area are:
To ensure the development of a policy regarding non-textbooks and reading;
To promote reading in conjunction with the public and private sectors;
To encourage creation in all areas of literary production - supporting creation and edition - of prizes and entities that contribute to the development of the book industry in terms to be defined in a specific decree;
To stimulate research and the development of studies, in particular regarding the book market and reading habits, in conjunction with GEPAC;
To create and develop programs and projects that contribute to the consolidation of a sustainable economy in the book industry;
To plan and execute the publicizing of Portuguese authors and their works abroad;
To intensify the publicizing of Portuguese books in Portuguese-speaking countries, without prejudice to the specific duties of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
To produce and make available information regarding Portuguese authors, publishers and bookstores.
DGLAB's duties in the area of archives are:
To ensure the execution and development of the national archival policy, and the fulfillment of the State's obligations in the fields of archival heritage and the management of archives, under any form or support and throughout the national territory;
To promote the quality of the archives as a fundamental resource in the exercise of the administrative, evidenciary or informative activities, aiming at the efficiency and effectiveness of these activities, namely with regard to their relations with the citizens;
To supervise in technical and normative terms and carry out auditing actions in all the State, local authorities and public companies' archives, as well as in all documentary sets that, under the terms of the law, come to integrate the protected archival and photographic heritage;
To ensure the application of the provisions of the framework law for cultural policy and of the legal framework for the protection and enhancement of the cultural heritage, within the scope of the archival and photographic heritage;
To promote the development and qualification of the national archive network and facilitate an integrated access to the archival information;
To ensure, in conjunction with the competent entities, international cooperation in the archival field;
To exercise, on behalf of the State, the preemptive right in the event of alienation, namely at auction, of valuable archival species or with a historical-cultural interest regarding the archival and photographic heritage, regardless of their classification or inventory;
To exercise, in representation of the State, the other patrimonial rights regarding the collection of which it is a custodian;
To accept, on behalf of the State, donations, bequests and legacies provided they have been previously authorized by the member of the Government in charge of the area of culture, as well as accept the donation, deposit, incorporation, exchange or reinstatement of archival documents.
DGLAB's responsibilities in the area of libraries are:
To ensure the implementation of the national policy for public libraries, in accordance with the guidelines of the sector's organizations, in conjunction with the local authorities, which are responsible for the supervision and management of these equipments;
To supervise technically and normatively the public libraries, according to the legislative framework for the sector;
To monitor the evolution of our information and knowledge society, promoting the production and access to electronic resources and services in the public libraries sector;
To promote the quality of the public library service by proceeding, regularly and in conjunction with GEPAC, to its evaluation, as well as to the preparation of studies;
To promote, together with other entities, the training of library technicians;
To represent the area of books, archives and libraries in international bodies and forums in conjunction with GEPAC.
DGLAB has its own editorial capacity, as well as the ability to promote the production of replicas and other support material for the public, ensuring editorial or author rights. DGLAB provides access, reproduction and research support services to the documentary funds it owns.


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