Arquivo Distrital de Faro

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The Arquivo Distrital de Faro has a fundamental role in safeguarding the archival and informational heritage of the Algarve region. In the funds under its care we can find a great wealth of information that allows us to recover the administrative and historical memory of the Algarve region.
The Arquivo Distrital de Faro assumes a commitment of proximity to the citizen, ensuring the management and preservation of its documentary collection and guaranteeing access to the information contained in the various documents in its custody. This way, we seek to enforce a constitutional right embodied in the access to documents of the administration.
The Newsletter of the Arquivo Distrital de Faro will be our privileged vehicle for publicizing the information, which we will use to try to establish contact with all our readers, citizens and the archival community.
Within the scope of its duties, the Arquivo Distrital de Faro will always be available to cooperate with any public or private entity


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