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The Arquivo Distrital da Guarda is a regional archive, acting as a flexible organic unit of the Direção-Geral do Livro, dos Arquivos e das Bibliotecas (DGLAB). Its mission is to preserve and enhance, within the district, the archival heritage of historical and cultural interest, as well as to ensure the defense of the public interest by ensuring access to the documentation in its care, promoting its knowledge and its cultural and educational publicizing.
The idea to create a district-wide archive at each District's headquarters was already reflected in Decree No. 19952 of July 27, 1931. Decree-Law No. 46350 of May 22, 1965 created and remodeled several district archives, including Guarda's. However, it was only almost two decades later that the Arquivo Distrital da Guarda would open to the public.
On October 1, 1982, the Direcção Geral do Património do Estado gave the Instituto Português do Património Cultural the building of the former Convent of São Francisco da Guarda, which had recently ceased to be the headquarters of the Infantry Regiment no. 12.
After adaptation works in a small part of the building, the Arquivo Distrital da Guarda started operating in September of 1984.
The incorporation of documentation from different public and private organizations from all over the District, exhausted very early almost all of the then small depository capacity.
A deeper recovery of the southern and western wings of the building of the former Franciscan convent, provided the Arquivo Distrital da Guarda - from June 1993 - with a deposit capacity of about 3 km of documents, while also having a large reading room, a multipurpose space for exhibitions and an auditorium, among other resources.


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Continuous hours, working days from 9:00 to 16:00.
Reading Room: 9:15 to 15:45
Service Desk: 9:15 am to 3:45 pm
Requisition of documents: 9:15 to 15:15 h
Weekly Rest: Saturday and Sunday
Municipal Holiday: November 27


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Largo General Humberto Delgado
6300-694 Guarda
Tel .: +351 271 001 200

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