Porto | From 27.10.22 to 30.04.23


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    Museu de Serralves

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‘Who tells a tale adds a tail’ is a proverb used to indicate that a story is added to with each telling, i.e., people add their own details to their account of the very same event or fact. ‘Story telling’ is one of the expressions that best define the oeuvre of artist Paula Rego (Lisbon, 1935 – 2022, London); ‘adding details’, which all readers and viewers do, is the most accurate expression to define the visitors of exhibitions.

Organised in the year of Paula Rego’s passing away, this exhibition showcases a substantial amount of
her works in the Serralves Collection – including the impacting polyptych Possessão [Possession] (2004) – and constitutes an opportunity to once again enjoy her work.

Source: Serralves

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