Porto | From 03.11.22 to 06.11.22


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Voice brings us a dramaturgy somewhere between a music concert and a show of physical theatre, under the direction of Catarina Lacerda. This production brings together on stage the Teatro do Frio company and Sopa de Pedra, a musical research team founded in Porto in 2012, consisting of ten women with a very personal view of the Portuguese songbook.

The original text is a metamorphosis of writings: from comedy of errors to the theatre of the absurd, from the choral quality of Greek tragedy to pop music and oral tradition, while also re-equating other narratives that deserve to be more widely known.

An immersive sound-and-vision experience, Voice combines polyphonic singing and spoken work, using the stage wings and the mechanic devices behind the stage as a conceptual arena. In this place of tension between the visible and the invisible, the audible and the inaudible, the risible and the grotesque, the connection between bodies and materials stimulates the viewers’ imagination as well as their physical and emotional experience. Every word and every gesture echo out of the immateriality of the voice.

Source: TNSJ

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