Porto | From 06.05.23 to 07.05.23


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Visitations, our Educational Centre’s flagship project, has been given a new lease of life during this season. The Drama Clubs will visit texts produced within the scope of the Between Lands project.

Four European theatres, imbued with the notion that culture plays a fundamental role in promoting a common view of the world, have asked authors from their respective countries to write dramatic texts with adolescence as their subject.

Tiago Correia was the Portuguese playwright chosen by the Teatro Nacional São João. Under the artistic coordination of stage director Victor Hugo Pontes, Visitations: Adolescence intends to animate these texts. By giving them bodies and voices and finding common grounds or sources of dissent in them, this project intends to create a mosaic of sensibilities and hues, a space for reflection, communication and interaction around that highly decisive stage in everyone’s life.

Source: TNSJ

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