Lisboa | From 19.01.23 to 19.02.23

The Universal Exhibition of the Portuguese Matrix

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© Exposição Universal da Matriz Portuguesa

The 'Universal Exhibition of the Portuguese Matrix®' has a universal scope on the Portuguese of the Past and Present, the Discoveries and the Maritime Expansion of Portugal, their accomplishments and their contribution to the Matrix and the Portuguese Language in the World, through Knowledge, Value, Rapture and its Relationship with other Cultures and other People.


- Disseminate Portugal's historic role in the world through its historical, cultural, economic, diplomatic and political relationships.

- Support, at a cultural level, the recovery of tourism and institutional interest in Portugal.

- Promote Portugal's interests and values in the Portuguese-speaking, European and World Sphere.

- Create exhibition routes with cultural, scientific and historical content, between Portugal and the World.

Source: Universal Exhibition of the Portuguese Matrix®

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