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The Resistible Ascension of Arturo Ui

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“Arturo Ui? Today? Here?” Bertolt Brecht wrote A Resistível Ascensão de Arturo Ui [The Resistible Ascension of Arturo Ui] (1941) within the context of the rise of Nazism in Germany. Director Bruno Martins brings this parable to the stage during a time in which moral values and political discourse are being degraded.

Brecht draws a parallel between the ascension of the main character through the ranks of the American Mafia and Hitler’s, under cover of rhetoric and collective alienation. “Serious stuff is precisely the concern of satire”, the writer once stated.

The strategies are ancient, but their instruments have become more varied. In this adaptation, Ui and his gang mirror the violence, xenophobia and intolerance that pollute our physical and virtual worlds. A Ascensão de Arturo Ui proves pertinent in light of the current reconfiguration of the Portuguese political system. Subtly, it asks us: what if all the action of the play took place in the premises of our Parliament?

Source: TNSJ

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