Porto | From 18.06.23 to 19.06.23

Teoria das Três Idades

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The Público newspaper declared it one of the best stage shows of 2018, the year in which the Teatro Experimental do Porto celebrated its 65th anniversary. Now, as the TEP – a company of crucial importance in the history of Portuguese theatre – commemorates 70 years of existence, we bring Teoria das Três Idades [Theory of the Three Ages] back to the Porto stages.

Actress and director Sara Barros Leitão used the TEP archives – press clippings, censorship cuts, minutes, contracts, photographs, show recordings and programmes, annual reports… – to summon stories, memories, lives, dreams, struggles and achievements. Halfway between documentary and fiction, “a crossing of what we read and what we imagine happened”, Teoria das Três Idades places us on the shaky ground of doubt and memory. “We are not sure of how things happened. This is a collage, an appropriation, an experiment.”

Source: TNSJ

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