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TANG PING, um western moderno sobre não ser ninguém

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“We’re all in this together. What’s next?”, Visões Úteis wondered on the leaflet for their 2021 production Diziam que do outro lado havia um caminho que cortava o tempo da demanda em dois.

The pandemic kept us from hosting that project, and TANG PING, um western moderno sobre não ser ninguém [TANG PING, a modern Western about being nobody] is our occasion for being together again. A radio station is preparing a programme commemorating H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds, as a reflection on the power of mass media. However, as the event’s production advances, the promoters behind the programme and the team hired to create it don’t appear to see eye to eye in terms of the initiative’s aims.

Directed by Ana Vitorino and Carlos Costa, TANG PING grows out of failed attempts at storytelling. The endeavour to recreate “a night of radio, tragedy and death” will turn the studio into a battlefield, where everyone must choose between fighting, surrendering… or giving up.

Source: TNSJ

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