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Once again, the TNSJ receives Mónica Calle’s intimate, ritualistic dramatic art. In 2020, we co-produced Este É o Meu Corpo, a cycle that revisited four of her emblematic solo pieces. Now, we host the premiere of Salomé, a show developed out of Oscar Wilde’s Symbolist dramatic poem, written in 1892 and based on the biblical tale of Saint John the Baptist’s decollation.

A narrative haunted by beauty, the body and transgression, all recurring subjects in Wilde’s oeuvre, defined by humour and a horror of Victorian respectability. The Irish writer’s creation becomes here a playing field for the thematic and formal (i.e. performative) obsessions of Mónica Calle.

In Salomé, she explores art as a potency or force that can upset the hierarchies of power and domination, and also thwart any attempts at silencing personal and collective memory. “A moonbeam falls on Salomé, covering her with light.”

Source: TNSJ

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