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“Tupi or not tupi”, that is one of the questions. On 7 September, Brazil commemorates the bicentenary of its independence. Thirteen days later, a new programming cycle of our Readings at the Monastery begins.

Brazil (our brother country; a common language separates us) is its subject. The act of independence is a magnificent obsession of Brazilian theatre, now as a tragedy, now as a farce: the conspiracies, the “Cry of Ipiranga”, the heart of Dom Pedro, the bifid emperor – I in Brazil, IV in Portugal. In collaboration with Mostra São Palco, a Brazilian theatre festival produced by the Teatrão of Coimbra, the cycle’s four sessions are organised around the work of thirteen contemporary playwrights, divided into four core themes. Uniting them are a number of unsolved identity issues, consequences of a still ongoing decolonisation process.

On 11 October, we present an extra reading dedicated to Salette Tavares (1922-94). A poet, performance artist and educator, she is a notable figure of the Portuguese 20th-century avant-garde. This session, the product of partnerships with the Margarida Losa Institute for Comparative Literature and the University Fernando Pessoa, is part of the programme Reencontrar Salette Tavares. Cem Anos Agora: Educar, Brincar, Comunicar.

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