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Before being destroyed by a fire in 2020, the Moria refugee camp was already a hell on earth. Located on the Greek island of Lesbos, it hosted up to 13 thousand people in infra-human conditions. Staged by Spanish director Mario Vega, Moria is an immersive, documental journey into what many have described as the “worst refugee camp in Europe”.

Inside a tent, actresses Ruth Sánchez and Marta Viera lend their bodies and voices to the real-life testimonies of Afghan Zohra Amiryar and Iraqui Douaa Alhavatem, two of the many lives that found themselves interrupted and violated on the isle of Lesbos.

From the hell they had escaped in their native countries to the unforeseen hell they experienced in European soil, we witness an itinerary made of hope and celebration, shame and fear, constantly under the deathly shadow that fell on Moria, “Europe’s shame”.

Source: TNSJ

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