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Mayakovsky – The Return of the Future

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Maiakovski – O Regresso do Futuro [Mayakovsky – The Return of the Future] brings the Soviet poet and playwright Vladimir Mayakovsky (1893-1930) back to life by means of a time machine that was created by Teatro de Ferro and Teatro de Marionetas do Porto, under the direction of Igor Gandra.

The show invites us to go back to the future as seen through the eyes of this major figure of Futurism. The Ones from the Future, the inhabitants of that time within the machine, have set in motion an experimental program for human resurrection, something that is only possible within this time of the theatre.

Mayakovsky is one of the humans from the past they wish to know. They are convinced that the messages they have found in his poems and plays are addressed to them. Things get complicated, but The Ones from the Future do not give up their goal. Peopled by actors and puppets, Mayako__v__sky – The Return of the Future is a fiction that (re)animates some objects from the Bolshevik Revolution poet’s complex universe, characterised by spiritual freedom, avant-gardism and iconoclasm.

Source: TNSJ

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