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Maria Coroada

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This really happened, or so it is said. In 1840, a few years after the Portuguese Civil War, a young man arrived at a village by the Douro, carrying a book full of stories. Following the teachings of that book, the villagers of Granja do Tedo founded a social and religious movement that would last seven years, led by the healer Maria das Neves, self-styled “Third Eve, by Jesus Crowned”.

The promotion of women’s role in society, the divulgation of naturism, solidarity with the poor and the expansion of free education were some of the movement’s demands. Using a real-life story as their starting-point, João Garcia Miguel and Amândio Anastácio explore the source and power of that enchantment. Maria Coroada [Crowned Maria] tells us of the ability to converse with the gods that live inside of us, of the courageous search for voices that transcend us. It also tells us of a book’s power to transform a whole community. And of the beauty of that transformation.

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