Porto, Lisboa | From 13.04.23 to 08.05.23

Krapp’s Last Tape

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Krapp is in Krapp’s head that is in Krapp’s head. On each passing birthday, he resorts to a tape recorder to salvage what is “never to be forgotten”. He keeps switching the machine on and off; he rewinds and fast-forwards the tape, repeating some passages and erasing others. Memory operates discontinuously; some of its gaps are unbridgeable.

In Krapp’s Last Tape, the recorded voice intermixes with life, or is life perhaps nothing more than the voice listening to itself? Nuno Carinhas returns to what he describes as “probably the most nostalgic, melancholic and lyrical play Samuel Beckett ever wrote”.

In Uma Noite no Futuro, a production Carinhas directed in 2018, Krapp shared the stage with characters from Old Tune (Beckett’s adaptation of Robert Pinget’s La Manivelle) and Gil Vicente’s Auto da Fé. Now, however, Krapp sits alone at home. “Past midnight. Never knew such silence. The earth might be uninhabited. Here I end this reel. Box three, spool five.”

Source: TNSJ

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