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José, o Pai

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«Dramatic fictions have always been interested in unhappy families: just think of the House of Atreus. This is perhaps because, as Tolstoy wrote: “All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way”. “Crisis” and “non-communication” are our keywords to José, o Pai [Joseph, the Father], the final chapter (following Mary, the Mother and Jesus, the Son) in The Holy Family trilogy, a long-distance project by Elmano Sancho. “There is always a sort of impending violence in the family”, this playwright, actor and director tells us. “It is the most intimate space we have, and intimacy breeds love, but also violence.” José, an old, jobless actor, renounces the role of father, pressured by a world that demands new forms of authority. However, José – who combines elements of both God the Father and the Devil – refuses to relinquish his position. José, o Pai brings the archetypes of patriarchal culture and the connections between art/performance and religion/ritual into a tense relationship.»

Source: TNSJ

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