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Ils nous ont oubliés

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Séverine Chavrier adapts for the stage Das Kalkwerk (1970), one of Austrian novelist and playwright Thomas Bernhard’s earliest novels. A couple isolates itself from the world and becomes lost in the glacial landscape of a lime works. He wants to write a book on hearing; she is totally dependent on him, due to her poor health. They live in a conjugal hell, ruled by emotional blackmail, an antechamber of death. By adding a character (a female nurse) that wasn’t in the novel, the French stage director intensifies this violent relationship. A farce with tinges of melancholy and despair, Ils nous ont oubliés interweaves scenography, video and treated sound to convey to us the short-circuited minds of the protagonists, where illness mirrors the ruin of an artistic ideal. Séverine Chavrier describes this production as a musical poem. All of Bernhard’s humour and pessimism reverberate throughout this ode to sterility.

Source: TNSJ

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