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How to Turn into Stone

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The Chilean playwright and stage director Manuela Infante offers us “a mineral play”, Cómo Convertirse en Piedra [How to Turn into Stone], a sort of tutorial, so to speak. As non-living things, stones can act as models for a different kind of resistance. They cast a new light on the current rhetoric of life (and the living), which is rooted in concepts from our present, such as growth, progress and development.

This show examines the common features of geological formations and workers’ bodies, their shared stories of extraction and exhaustion. Three actors operate puppets and objects, working their puppet-bodies. They convey eroded narratives, piled on top of each other through the use of loops and sound treatment, as if the stories were layers of sedimented materials. We are also made of stone, and we can also be mined. 

How to Turn into Stone tells us of what we may find written in the stones and of the stony writing that can be found in us.

Source: TNSJ

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