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Slippage is probably the most important phenomenon in the life of Mattia Denisse (Blois, France, 1967). A tireless writer and imaginator, Denisse does not respect the border between the writing and visual worlds – not due to any revolutionary vocation, but because he considers them to be manifestations emanating from the same creative energy. The interests governing this energy are neither impervious nor univocal: anything related to reality, but also to the surreal, dreams, speculation, ghosts, awe and subtle phenomena has a place in the artist’s scope. However, his praxis does hold particular appreciation for study and scientific methods. That is why it is filled with notions such as essays, treaties, histories, compendia, or allusions to branches of science such as geometry, optics, physics or pataphysics: they are all instruments used to observe and reify a kaleidoscopic inner world.

Source: Culturgest

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