Porto | From 12.05.23 to 13.05.23


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A group of people with Down syndrome take the stage to share their wishes and frustrations via a quite free version of Hamlet. The show emerged from an interweaving of Shakespeare’s text with the lives of the actors, guided by the existential question that is inextricably linked with the prince of Denmark: To be or not to be? What does “to be” mean to people who are seen as social encumbrances, debris? What is the meaning and value of their existence in a world where efficiency and unattainable standards of consumption and beauty make up the human paradigm? Hamlet is directed by Chela De Ferrari, one of the founders of Teatro La Plaza, a Peruvian collective that uses texts from classic and contemporary authors to create shows that “question, provoke and surprise” their audience.

Source: TNSJ

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