Guimarães | From 25.03.23 to 03.09.23


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«Fabriqueta, a solo exhibition by the visual artist Eduardo Matos, creates and operates a small construction that, through an installation which consists of objects, drawings, performances and community workshops, activates the CIAJG’s basement floor.

Central to the revolution that crossed landscapes and turned fields into factories, the fabriquetas, small family production sites, almost always incomplete, reveal the revolution’s logic and contingent processes. While production in the Ave and Minho region was thriving, we can still find, in larger settings, countless examples of these rustic and unfinished workshop sites. With the modesty of their ways, shapes and materials, they work according to whatever is useful and practical. They extend themselves within the external space, while they conceal inside that which they are dedicated to.»

Source: CIAJG

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