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From 24 to 30 of December, the house of the theatre will come into the houses of our spectators, like a Christmas gift, as we broadcast online Fantasma da Ópera [Phantom of the Opera], the show that Bruno Bravo brought to the TNSJ stage in February 2022, an adaptation of Gaston Leroux’s Gothic novel.

In it, the stage director pays homage to the spirit of the Paris Opera, as a place where theatre, dance and music shows are presented. The Opera’s backstage areas are haunted by a ghost who upsets all and sundry, until he falls in love with the voice of a young female singer. 

Fantasma da Ópera offers an undisciplined dialogue between live music and movement, songs and the amazing machinery that is a stage, with its parade of actors and characters. This broadcast will take place after the performance of August Strindberg’s Um Sonho, a TNSJ production directed by Bruno Bravo. For a nominal fee, or at zero cost, when purchasing a ticket for the Swedish master’s play, we will revisit the immortal love story of Fantasma da Ópera. “One has to get used to everything in life, even to eternity.”

Source: TNSJ

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