Porto | From 27.03.23 to 27.03.23

Emerging European Dramaturgy: Catalonia

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This programme of staged readings expands the collaboration between the National Theatres of Porto and Catalonia which began with Blindness. On World Theatre Day, we will read Ventura and M’hauríeu de pagar, two plays by Catalonian dramatists Cristina Clemente and Jordi Prat i Coll, oriented by Catalonian directors with a Portuguese cast.

On the following day, in Barcelona, the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya will hold readings of plays by Sara Barros Leitão and Joana Craveiro, oriented by Portuguese directors with a Catalonian cast. By reading each other’s works, we cause texts, teams, cultures and languages to engage and interact.

Great small gestures that structure concrete internationalisation experiments, discreet but effective, which transcend the customary “import/export” of artistic production and circulation.

Source: TNSJ

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