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El Mar – Visión de unos niños que no lo han visto nunca

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«In 1934, Catalan teacher Antoni Benaiges arrived at the rural school of Bañuelos de Bureba, a small village in Burgos. He asked the children, who had never seen the sea, to write an assignment on how they imagined it.

What visions would have risen out of their confrontation with that great unknown? The answer emerged in 1936, when the children’s poetic texts were published as a book: El Mar – Visión de unos niños que no lo han visto nunca [The Sea  A vision by children who have never seen it].

Antoni Benaiges promised his pupils that he would take them to see the sea in the summer of that same year, but he was murdered by the Francoists and so the promise went unfulfilled. El Mar – a show conceived by Xavier Bobés and Alberto Conejero – tells the story of this tragic event via an approach in which objects, poems and documents non-hierarchically coexist.»

Source: TNSJ

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