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Manuela Marques’s career is one of the most singular and international of Portuguese photography. For the first time, she will present in Portugal an exhibition that brings together several of her recent works, part of a triptych that includes presentations at MuMa, Havre, France (4 March 2022) and Domaine de Kerguéhennec (19 March 2022), Brittany, France. This exhibition is part of the 2022 Portugal-France season.

The aim of ‘Echoes of Nature’ is the presentation of the photographic work of Manuela Marques through three autonomous but dialogic and concerted exhibitions, producing an overview of some of the most important aspects of her work.

The work of Manuela Marques has been characterised, in recent years, by a production based on observation and thinking about landscape and the natural environment in all its forms, establishing a dialogue between scientific, perceptual and aesthetic discourses. The geographical locations for this study have been France, continental Portugal and the Azores archipelago, from which she has constructed a visual lexicon that constitutes an archaeological approach to the history of photography, a phenomenological digression on the artistic concept of landscape and an alignment with the idea of expanding media to the field of life.

Source: MNAC

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