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The opening image of this show is a baobab from which three bodies hang: something that could put us in mind of certain photographs depicting lynched Afro-Americans. However, according to Cleo Diára, Isabél Zuaa and Nádia Yracema, these bodies are actually “being born and reborn, healing and reconnecting themselves individually and collectively”.

In Cosmos, the second part of an ongoing trilogy, the three actresses and stage directors appropriate “images that have repeated themselves throughout history in many tragic variations” and give them new meanings: an epic creation where time and space commingle, causing real and/or fictional events to superimpose. 

Cosmos mixes African and European myths to project itself on an Afro-futuristic plane, wondering all the while whether we are more than just the product of the tales we have been told. During this journey, it will be impossible to avoid bringing into question humanity and the path we have taken until the present day. This will lead to the emergence of various possible futures.

Source: TNSJ

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