Lisboa | From 24.11.22 to 10.02.23

As Máscaras do Corpo

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The exhibition "As Máscaras do Corpo" brings together a selection of artists from the gallery's collection where the representation of the body can be understood as an association of reflections on the various modalities of corporality with which we express ourselves and about which we question ourselves.

The selection of works for the exhibition, by Alice Marcelino, Ana Silva, Gabriela Noujaim, Gonçalo Mabunda, Keyezua, Mário Macilau and Fidel Évora, occupying the entire interior and exterior space of the gallery, intends to show different artistic proposals as visual essays on the human condition, in a speculative and exploratory sense of the observer's sensibility, confronting us with self-referential languages and references that move between different memories and different means of artistic expression.

Source: João Silvério/MOVARTE

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