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A day in the life of Beckett

Presentation Session | Books

The day has come: World Theatre Day is Beckett’s day. We have reserved that special occasion to launch James Knowlson’s monumental biography of one of the greatest writers of the 20th century and beyond. 

Damned to Fame: The Life of Samuel Beckett is the only “authorised” biography of this Franco-Irish writer. A privilege indicative of personal closeness: several exhaustive interviews with Beckett during the final months of his life, in-depth commentary on his works, and access to practically all known material sources, such as reading notes, notebooks, photographs, letters, diaries.

The book has already been described as a “heroic enterprise of literary biography”, an appraisal that refers to more than simply its near one-thousand-page length.

With Falhar Melhor, our Empilhadora collection gains muscle. This new showcase of books with a more historical and essayistic bent adds thought to our collection of dramatic texts, which includes since 2016 the full version of Karl Kraus’ The Last Days of Mankind, one of the most daring feats in our publishing history. Kraus, and now Beckett: these monsters need friends.

Source: TNSJ

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